SOS-ESM – 700 JS


SOS-ESM – 700 JS

  • Optimize combination of world famous branded hydraulic parts. Oil circuit plate in aproxmity of main actuation elements to ensure fast response.
  • Larger mould stroke, mould capacity and tie-bar distance to accomodate more applicable mould.
  • The precise and enery-saving system is specially developed for injection molding machine, and its highly effective enery saving realize cost cutting for the machine.
  • Large volume mold memory storyng dozens of mold data and parameters, facilities easy mold change for customers. The password lock guar antees safety of data.
  • Daul-cylinder driven injection carriage ensures its smooth running. High efficiency due to melting by screw directly by imported step-less high torque hydraulic motor and compact structure.
  • Newly designed oil and electric circuit can meet the requirement of more precise production, and enhance the performance of mechanical parts.
  • Bigger tie-bar distance.
  • Wide platen bears the characters of reliability, uneasy deformation, and long service life. Also makes teh tie-bar distance bigger. Which will efficiently save space, improve productivity and provide customers with higher quality products.
  • Innovative design out-toggle outside elbow clamping structure
  • High precision linear transducer position.
  • High quality of chromium coating barrel and screw.
  • High quality hydraulic motor.
  • Servo power saving system.
  • Closed loop controlling of hydraulic pressure and flowing
  • Parameter pre-set.
  • Robot interface.
  • Real-time inspecting of every motion.

In the year 1994, a man dreamed to establish a group of companies in different streams of businesses & to launch with, is Factory Automated Field & then instantly took it into action without any hesitation on the name SOS Group of Companies.

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