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  • "I joined in SOS as B.Tech Graduate. They mould me as employee. it is possible only by right training, right teaching, and right placement. Thanks to SOS Institute ………."

    Vivek Kubde
  • "I chose right place, they placed me in right company. That is SOS. I trust them, they trained me. SOS focus on me, I became employee in automation field. Thank you SOS Institute."

  • "I got job. I entered to my favorite field only because of SOS. Thank you SOS team, you trained me and placed as you promised. Thank u…………."

    Shaik Muneer
  • "I am thrilled that I was able to complete the training program. I was very impressed with the high levels of training and challenging course throughout the program. No I am working with Automation Company all these because of SOS Institutes. Thank you SOS."

  • "I was really happy with SOS Institutes service, they did help me a lot in Automation , I was flattered for the training. Today I am working with a manufacturing company and happy for my profile, without SOS I don’t think so I would have handled this job. Thank you SOS Team"

    MD. Islamuddin
  • “Currently I am working with Good Company, Thanks to SOS Institutes for helping me in achieving my dream job.”

    Raghu Vardhan Puligilla
  • “At SOS Institutes, I did training in PLC, SCADA, HMI AND VFD. I found the syllabuses interesting, and they gave me a wonderful opportunity to open my mind and gain a lot of knowledge. Every time I come to the sessions, I got something more. I got more and more confidence.”

    Mohammed Ateeq Ahmed

In the year 1994, a man dreamed to establish a group of companies in different streams of businesses & to launch with, is Factory Automated Field & then instantly took it into action without any hesitation on the name SOS Group of Companies.

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