S.No Raw Material of Component COMPONENT Produced USER of Component
1 Poly Carbonate Railway signal part Railways
Energy Meter Base A.P. State Electricity Board
Energy Meter Top Cover
Energy Meter
2 PBT Air Condition Part Tecumseh Tecumseh
Knife Handle & Cover Defence
3 P.P Home Appliances LG
Fan Canopy & Top Cove Crompton
Drip Irrigation Part Nagarjuna Ferrtilisers
Flip Top Caps Ponds, Hindustan Unilever
Vicks Caps Vicks
Chocolate Jar Caps Cadbury’s
Pickle Jar Caps Priya Pickles
Furniture General Market
4 Derlin Mosquito Coil Mesh SPM Mfrr
5 P.P.C.P Railway Track Joint Rods Railways
Ele Fan Ceiling Box General Market
Ele Junction Box
6 C PVC & U PVC Sanitary Fittings Prince group
7 PET JAR & Bottle Preforms General Market

In the year 1994, a man dreamed to establish a group of companies in different streams of businesses & to launch with, is Factory Automated Field & then instantly took it into action without any hesitation on the name SOS Group of Companies.

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