Started in the year 1994 is promoted by B.V.Srinivasa Rao, it is a part of
Mitsubishi - PLC
Q PLC Features
  • Multiple CPU support; use up to three CPUs to combine sequence, process, motion & PC control on a single system (Version B or later).
  • PLC I/Os upto 2048/8192.
  • Offers Full range Q Series network & communication Features, including CC-Link IE 1Gbit Ethernet, MELSECNET/H.
  • Integrated PSU, CPU and base unit available to simplify system construction with Q00J CPUs.
  • Built in serial communications via CPU port (using MELSEC Communication (MC) protocol).
  • Security functions Supports floating point, function block, PID and SFC programming (Version B or later).

FX PLC Features

  • Exchangeable interface modules for direct mounting into a base unit (LRS485)
  • PLC I/Os upto 256
  • Skit fir nenirt cassettes for up to 64k steps PLC program
  • Integrated real-time clock
  • High speed processing (0.065µs per bit instruction)
  • LEDs for indicating the input and output status